IHAYA Keijin 井隼 慶人

  • Dyeing

Born in Kyoto 1941
Professor Emeritus of Kyoto City University of Art. / Counselor of the NITTEN


  • 1964Graduated from post graduate school of Kyoto City University of Arts.
  • 1987Won the prize for the outstanding work at the NITTEN Exhibition, again in 1993.
  • 1998Received the SHUMEI Culture Prize of SHUMEI Culture Foundation.
  • 2005Became a member of the World Batik Conference in Boston, USA. Won the Prime-Minister Prize at the NIHON-SHIN-KOGEI※ exhibition.
  • 2007Ihaya Keijin Memorial Exhibition of the Retirement from Kyoto City University of Arts.
    Received the prize of KYOTO CHUO--SHINYO CREDIT Fine-Arts Encouraging Foundation.
  • 2011Received the honor award of Arts of Kyoto prefecture.
    Joined Artists group KOGEI-KYOTO.


京都市美術館 / 京都市立芸術大学 / 京都大学 / 大阪大学/立命館大学 / 京都中央信用金庫 / MIHOミュージアム / 公益財団法人・日展 / 染・清流館

My idea for KOGEI

In the field of fine-arts, KOGEI has the most intimate relations with human beings and creations, so its purpose and ability must be noticed again in our exhausted and confused social circumstances.