KAWANO Eiichi 河野 榮一

  • Ceramic

Born in Osaka 1943
Professor of Nara Junior College of Art / Regular member of NITTEN.


  • 1973Accepted for the NITTEN Exhibition for the first time.
  • 1974Studied techniques of making ceramics under the guidance of KUSUBE Yaichi,
  • 1977Won the Mayor’s Prize at the KYO-TEN※ Exhibition.
  • 1978Prized as an outstanding work at the NITTEN exhibition, again in 2001.
  • 1988Awarded Kyoto Art Exhibition Prize at the KYO-TEN Exhibition
  • 1990Won the grand prize at Fretcher International Ceramic Contest, New Zealand.
  • 1996Received the SHUMEI Culture Prize from SHUMEI Culture Foundation.
  • 2002Won the prize for Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology at the NIKKO-KAI Exhibition
  • 2006Selected as the jury of the NITTEN Exhibition, again in 2010. Joined Artists’group KOGEI-KYOTO
  • 2011Won the prize for regular member at NITTEN Exhibition.

My idea for KOGEI

Wisely considering the specialty of clay, I aim to make firmly formed and harmonized coloring works. Then I seek the way how to express the theme such as changing of nature, cosmos, God earth, dreams for the sea.