KOBAYASHI Shoukoh 小林 祥晃

  • Dyeing

Born in Kyoto 1955
Guest attendant of the NITTEN. / Part-time lecturer at Kinki University.


  • 1989Won the 1st. place award at the All Kansai Fine-Art Exhibition, again in ‘90
    Accepted in the NITTEN exhibition for the first time.
  • 1991Won the prize for excellent works at the Kyoto KOGEI Biennale. , again in‘93
  • 1992The 15th Lausanne Textile Art Biennale in Swiss
  • 1998Contemporary Textile-art International Exhibition invitational in France
  • 1999The International Batik Conference invitational in Belgium and Holland. ’03 in Belgium and Germany ’05 in USA
  • 2004Prized as an outstanding work at the NITTEN exhibition, again in 2012.
  • 2005“Masters of Japanese Wax Dyeing” exhibition invitational in Boston, USA.
  • 2009Won the prize for Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology at the NIKKO-KAI Exhibition
  • 2012Joined Artists’ group KOGEI-KYOTO.

My idea for KOGEI

My works are reconstruction of mysterious images such as subconscious world, strange happenings in common daily life, moving emotions in a labyrinth, and etc. through the figures of city and blowing wind by the traditional wax dyeing way. They are the landscape view in my heart.