NAGAO Norihisa 長尾 紀壽

  • Dyeing

Born in Okayama 1940
Member of SHINSHO-KOGEI-KAI . Japan Ethnology Society.


  • 1964Accepted for SHINSHO-KOGEI exhibition for the first time.
  • 1966Graduated from non-degree graduate school of Kyoto City University of Arts.
  • 1991Won the INAGAKI※ Memorial Prize at the SHINSHO-KOGEI-KAI exhibition.(’95,’03,’12)
  • 1994Won the Prize for excellent works at the exhibition “SOME※ Arts” held under the auspice of Kyoto City Museum of Arts.
    The exhibition “Modern Katazome”invitational at the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Arts.
  • 1995Modern KOGEI in KYOTO Exhibition
    Some Seiryu Exhibition
  • 1998Won the Shinsho Prize at the SHINSHO-KOGEI-KAI exhibition.
  • 2000The first one-man show at the Event hall of Okayama Symphony Hall in Okayama
  • 2005-06Memorial Exhibition of the Retirement from Okinawa University of Fine Arts.
  • 2011Nagao Norihisa Exhibition at Sakima Museum, Okinawa, and Kumamoto Modern Art Museum
    Joined Artists’group KOGEI-KYOTO.
  • 2012Received the grand prize of Okinawa Times Art Recommendation.

My idea for KOGEI

At making a KATAZOME work, there are several technical difficulties. I prefer to know , in the difficulties if there were some important meaning for KOGEI. Then, as the first trial to solve the task, I ‘m looking for the effect of refrain or succession of pattern which gives the special image on the work.