FUJII Osamu 藤井 收

  • URUSHI, lacquer

Born in Kyoto 1948
Lecturer at Kyoto KOGEI Art College. / Associate member of the NITTEN.


  • 1967Started URUSHI work under the guidance of SUZUKI Masaya, one of the outstanding URUSHI artist and at same time SUZUKI Hyosaku 3rd the famous URUSHI goods maker of Kyoto.
  • 1996Mokushitsu Artists Exhibition for Japan-Korea Exchange at Itami Craft Center, Osaka.
  • 1997Korea-Japan Contemporary Art Furniture Exhibition, Seoul
  • 2001The Japan Crafts in Edinburgh Exhibition invitational, England Crafts in Kyoto 〔1945ー2000〕 at The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto & Tokyo
  • 2005Received an honor prize of Japan-Austria Cultural Exchange Festival. Recommended as the friendly artist for Japan–Austria cultural exchange by Leopold Museum, Vienna.
  • 2006Receive the SHUMEI Culture Prize of SHUMEI foundation.
  • 2011Joined Artists’group KOGEI-KYOTO.
  • 2012Salon International du Patrimoione Culturel at Carrousel du Louvre

My idea for KOGEI

As Making a work, I try to reflect or replace the images which happened around me in my common life, in merry mood.