MURATA Koken 村田 好謙

  • URUSHI, lacquer

Born in Kyoto 1956
Guest attendant of the NITTEN


  • 1975Graduated from Hiyoshigaoka High School, Arts and Crafts, Urushi
    Studied techniques of making ceramics under the guidance of HATTORI Shunsho,
  • 1986Won the 1st. place Prize at All Kansai Art Exposition.
  • 1988Won the prize of prefecture governor of Kyoto at the Kyoto KOGEI Artists'Society Exposition.
  • 2000Received the prize for arts new comer of Kyoto city.
  • 2001The Japan Crafts in Edinburgh Exhibition invitational, England
    Crafts in Kyoto 〔1945ー2000〕 at The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto & Tokyo
  • 2005Memorial exhibition for the 100 anniversary of Japan-Norway Exchange, Norway
  • 2007Joined artists group KOGEI-KYOTO.
    Won the prized for the outstanding works at NITTEN exhibition, again in '09.
  • 2008Produced the great wall decoration of five stored pagoda of Kuonji temple the head quarter of Buddhism NICHIREN sect, Yamanashi.
  • 2009Selected as the jury of the Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition, the KYO-TEN Exhibition, the All Kansai Art Exhibition
  • 2011Won the Prime Minister Prize at NIKKO-KAI exhibition.

My idea for KOGEI

I would like to understand the process of purification of human heart, researching brilliant light I could see far away in the distance, and try to express this matter in beautiful ways.