MUKAI Hiroko 向井 弘子

  • Metal works

Born in Kyoto 1944
Associate member of the NITTEN. / Director of Kyoto KOGEI Artists Society


  • 1967Graduated from, Japanese style painting division at Kyoto City University of Arts.
  • 1974Studied metal work at Tokyo University of Art.
  • 1976Accepted for the NITTEN Exhibition for the first time.
  • 1990Invited to an event of "World Expo '90―Flower and Green" in Osaka.
  • 1994Invited to the memorial exhibition"Contemporary KOGEI of Kyoto"in memory of 1200 anniversary of the transfer of the Capital to Kyoto
  • 2007Joined Artists group KOGEI-KYOTO.
  • 2010Won the prize for outstanding works at the NITTEN Exhibition.

My idea for KOGEI

I pay attention for the process of re-presentation of images I got from the nature or human being, and express them lyrical on my works.