• URUSHiI lacquer

Born in Kyoto 1943
Representative of the SHINSHO-KOGEI*KAI. Professor Emeritus of Kyoto City University of Arts

* ‐Kai = “Kai” means a certain group, society, association or band in Japanese.


  • ? Accepted for SHINSHO-KOGEI KAI Exhibition for the first time.
  • 1969 Graduate from non-degree graduate school of Kyoto City University of Arts.
  • 1982 Won the Tomimoto prize at SHINSHO-KOGEI KAI Exhibition again in ‘89
  • 1983 Won the art new comer prize of Kyoto city.
  • 1991 Joined “1st Ceramic Contest of Central America” in San Jose, Costa Rica as a guest artist.
  • 2001 The Japan Crafts in Edinburgh Exhibition invitational, England
  • 2002 Received the prize of KYOTO CHUSHIN- Fine-Art Encouraging Foundation
  • 2005 Received the Kyoto Art and Culture Association prize.
  • 2007 Joined artists group KOGEI-KYOTO.
  • 2011 Recommended as the person contributed to culture by Kyoto prefecture.
  • 2012 Recommended as the person contributed to culture by Kyoto city.

My idea for KOGEI

We are often surprised by what the Nature can do. I simplify that emotion which I got from the Nature as much as possible and put it in my works. This is the way I make my works.