SHIMURA Mitsuhiro 志村 光広

  • Dyeing

Born in Osaka 1933
Professor Emeritus at Kyoto Prefecture University


  • 1960Graduated from non-title graduate school of Kyoto city University of Art.
  • 1962First one-man show at Gallery 16 in Kyoto. Ever since 17 times at several galleries.
  • 1963Established dyeing artists group「∞」, and had the first exposition of the group in Kyoto, which was disbanded in 1972.
  • 1971The exhibition “New Generation of Dyeing”invitational organized by Kyoto and Tokyo National Museum of Modern Arts.
    Designed the pattern of the stage curtain of Kennedy Center, Washington D.C., USA.
  • 1983KOGEI in Modern Japan Exhibition
  • 1990Established dyeing artists group“AUF”which was disbanded in 2005.
  • 2001The special exposition“KOGEI of Kyoto 1945~2000” invitational at Kyoto National Museum of Modern Arts
  • 2006Joined Artists’ group KOGEI-KYOTO.

My idea for KOGEI

At the starting point as a dyeing artist, I longed for a new and free style to make works. I struggled to find it for long time but every trial was no use. Then almost 15 years ago, I happened to aware to add a little innovation to the classical techniques of dyeing. Now I’m going my way for creation.