KANO Michio 叶 道夫

  • Ceramic

Born in Kyoto 1948
NITTEN (regular member) / Director of Kyoto Traditional KOGEI Artists Society


  • 1970NITTENN for fist time and since after.
  • 19744th. International Ceramic Biennale; Vallaris, France.
    Grand-- prix d’Honneur at 4th.. International Ceramic Biennale; Vallauris, France.
  • 1979Firenze (Florence) International Ceramic Exhibition, Italy.
    Minister of Foreign Affairs’ Prize at CHUNICHI International Ceramic Exhibition
  • 2000Memorial One man show of the succsseion of KANO Shoukoku III
  • 2015Anyversary of 400 years of Rimpa“Living Rimpa in Kyoto Today”.
    Kyoto Prefecture Prize for contribution to culture

Public collection

Vallauris Art Museum / National Museum of Modern Arts. Kyoto / Kyoto National Guest House / Saga Prefectural Museum of Ceramic / Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art / Kyoto City University of Arts