MIKI Keigo 三木 啓樂

  • Usushi (lacquer)

Born in Kyoto 19471
NIHON-KOGEI-KAI(Regular member)/ Director of Kyoto Urushi KOGEI (lacquer craft) Cooperative Cooperation./ “DO YOU KYOTO” Ambassador of City of Kyoto.


  • 1993International Design Fair ’93 in Ishikawa
  • 1997“Three Generations of Urushi Work” with his grand father (Hyoetsu II ) and Father (Hyoetsu III )
  • 1999NIHON GENTO –KOGEI Exhibition.Since after.
  • 2006“Selected Fresh Artists of KOGEI―New Wave 2007”at Museum of Kyoto.
  • 2015Festival of Wood work KOGEI in Yakushima” under the auspice of Agency for Cultural Affaires.

Public collection

All Japan SENCHA / City of Ureshino, Saga prefecture.