HOKI Masakazu 伯耆 正一

  • Ceramic

Born in Kyoto 1954
Regular Member of the NITTEN


  • 1982Started ceramic making under the guidance of KUSUBE Yaichi.
  • 1991Won the first place prize at the All Kansai Art Exposition.
  • 1996Won the Kyoto Prefecture Governor Prize at the SOKO-KAI Exhibition.
  • 2000Selected as the jury of the All Kansai Art Exposition.
  • 2003Won the prize for the outstanding works at the NITTEN Exhibition, again in 2005.
  • 2005Accepted in the Faenza International Ceramic Competition.
  • 2007Won the prize for Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology at the NIKKO-KAI Exhibition
    Joined Artists group KOGEI-KYOTO.
  • 2009Selected as the jury of the NITTEN Exhibition.

My idea for KOGEI

The African arts gave great influence to our modern arts, especially “mask”refreshes my heart with its both modeling and decoration. I produce my works longing for that they would make your spiritual life rich as the Africa masks make my heart rich..