SHIBATA Ryozo 柴田 良三

  • Ceramic

Born in Kyoto 1952
Regular member, also secretary of Kinki branch of NIHON-KOGEI-*KAI.


  • 1978Graduated from non-degree graduate school of Kyoto City University of Arts.
  • 1994Won the fine work prize at Izushi Porcelain Triennale, in Hyogo.
    Won the prize of prefecture governor of Kyoto at the Kyoto KOGEI Artists Society Exposition.
  • 1999Won the Kyoto Prefecture Governor’s Prize at the Kyoto KOGEI Artists’ Society Exhibition.
  • 2005Dispatched as the trainee of arts for Michigan University by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
  • 2006Joined the event “Australia--Artist in Residence” for the Japan-Australia exchange year in Campbell.
  • 2008The Kyoto KOGEI Biennale invitational.
  • 2012Selected as the jury of the All Kansai Arts Exhibition. 
    Joined Artists’ group KOGEI-KYOTO.

My idea for KOGEI

Using old technique making blue and white porcelain, I’m aiming to create a new world of ceramic both at figures and pattern which no one imaged.