MURAYAMA Akira 村山 明

  • Wood works

Born in Hyogo 1944
Living National Treasure of KOGEI. Director of NIHON-KOGEI-KAI.


  • 1966 Graduated from sculpture division at Kyoto City University of Arts.Started wood work uin the studio of KURODA Tatsuaki※
  • 1970 Accepted in the NIHON-DENTO-KOGEI Exhibition for the first time and won the ASAHI-SHIMBUN Prize.
  • 1971 1971 Became a Regular member of NIHON-KOGEI-KAI
  • 1989 The work of “Polished Zelkova Plate” has been stored up into Victoria-Albert Museum in London, England
  • 1996  Accredited as the holder of Intangible Cultural Property of Kyoto Prefecture
  • 2003 Accredited as the holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure).
  • 2002 Recommended as the person contributed to culture by Kyoto prefecture.
  • 2003 Received the Medal of honor with Purple Ribbon
  • 2006 Joined establishment of Artists group KOGEI-KYOTO.

My idea for KOGEI

I ‘m interested in how the people understand the aim of the artist, and wish to have the mutual understanding and cultural interchange with them, not through the words but feeling ones got from my works.