YOSHIMIZU Kinuyo 吉水絹代

  • Textile

Born in Kyoto 1946)
Professor Emeritus at Kyoto Saga University of Arts.Guest attendant of the NITTEN.


  • 1973 Accepted for the NITTEN exhibition for the first time.
  • 1976 Won the Mayor's Prize at the KYO-TEN※ Exhibition. ,again in '91
  • 1992 The 15th Lausanne Textile Art Biennial in Swiss.
  • 1996 Won the 2nd. Place Prize at Kyoto Arts and Crafts Exhibition
  • 1997 Awarded Kyoto Art Exhibition Prize at the KYO-TEN Exhibition
  • 2001 The exhibition "Meeting Point" invitational at the Scotland National Museum.
  • 2004 Beauty of Textile Exhibition at Koeki Museum Korea Won the prize for the outstanding work at the NITTEN exhibition, again in 2007
  • 2010 Lodz International Textile Triennale, Poland
  • 2011 Joined Artists' group KOGEI-KYOTO.

My idea for KOGEI

I wish to make my works by which I could talk with the people at any place and any space.