KATAYAMA Masami 片山 雅美

  • Ceramic

Born in Kyoto 1950
Associate member of THE NITTEN. / Part-time lecturer of Osaka Seikei University.


  • 1970Mastered all the educational courses at Kyoto Municipal Industrial Research Factory, and studied techniques of making ceramics under the guidance of NISHIKAWA Minoru, a veteran of NITTEN.
  • 1975Accepted for the NITTEN Ehibition for the first time.
  • 1980Won the prize of the Kyoto prefecture governor at Kyoto KOGEI Artists Society Exhibition.
  • 1983Won the Mayor’s Prize at the KYO-TEN※ Exhibition, again in ‘88
  • 1984Won the Rising Artist Prize at Kyoto KOGEI Artist Society Exhibition
  • 2010Joined Artists group KOGEI-KYOTO.
  • 2012Won the prize for outstanding work at NITTEN exhibition.

My idea for KOGEI

In daily life, man should see, touch and feel many things and expand the image for life, and then someone starts to create an object to express what he saw, touched and felt. I make some certain objects which could let people accept my message.